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Sample Knitting for CFC

We are looking for sample knitters to transform our yarns into stunning knitwear. Your creations may be featured in photos, at show events, and in our store.

Pattern will be provided with our yarns. Size and color will be determined by us. The purpose of sample knitting is to promote our yarns. This is not a test knit. The stress of finding an issue with the pattern is eliminated so you can relax and have fun knitting.

Your name will be printed where ever we can give you credit and we will mention/tag you on instagram.

We may not be able to respond to everyone but once you fill out the application, we will have you on file. We may contact you via email for other future projects. Thank you.


Once you send us the finished knitwear, you will receive a gift card in the amount of yarns used for the sample knit + additional $20. Sample: if the sample sweater requires 4 skeins of Merino Worsted ($30 per skein), you will be receiving a ($120 + $20) $140 gift card.


We are looking for those who are commited to finishing the project in a timely manner. Must be intermediate-advance level and living in United States. All projects must be completed, blocked, and ready to be displayed.

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Sample Knitting

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