Color 101

Color your world. Learn everything there is to know about our yarn hues and dyes to help you find the best fit for your project.
Natural vs. Acid Dyes

Natural dyes can come from fruits, plants, and even food waste. They’re best at creating beautifully unique, natural earth tones.

Acid dyes, on the other hand, can create a wide range of replicable colors. They’re called “acid” dyes because household vinegar or citric acid is used to bond color to the fibers.

Camellia Colors

At Camellia Fiber Co., we use both natural and acid dyes. We like to think of them as different artistic mediums — like comparing oil pastels to watercolor. They’re both beautiful in their own right and achieve different color results.

Knitting with hand-dyed yarn

Hand-dyed fiber is truly one-of-a-kind — no two batches are alike. There are even slight color variations among yarns of the same batch (due to season, yarn base, kettle heat, and water pH). It’s what makes them perfectly imperfect. We always recommend ordering from the same batch for sweaters or other large projects. If you can’t get yarns from the same batch, colors will be similar, but you may want to alternate skeins as you knit to blend — sometimes even from the same batch.

Yarn by Color

Our signature yarn colors are skillfully curated and kettle-dyed by hand for a beautifully rich result.


Undyed and natural — for a classic, fresh, white hue.


A light, whisper-soft pink for a subtle wash of feminine color.


An earthy, blush pink that radiates beauty and romance. (Our namesake for a reason.)


A soft, dreamy purple reminiscent of delightful blooms in nature.


A goes-with-everything, denim blue — filled with familiarity and nostalgia.


A delicate, earthy brown with pink undertones for the perfect warm neutral.

Pink Amethyst

A rich, yet muted, pink — like a scoop of raspberry sorbet.


A light, neutral pink with an uplifting, peachy undertone.


A warm, reddish brown reminiscent of flower boxes in the sunshine.


A nature-inspired, light golden hue with a cheerful disposition.

Blue Poppy

A light, airy blue — like clear skies on a sunny day.


A rich, dark-toned blue green perfect for cold, wintery days.