Camellia Fiber Community 2020

Camellia Fiber Community 2020

The doors are OPEN!!
Welcome To The Family

We are thrilled to introduce the Camellia Fiber Community! This community is our way of showing appreciation for our customers with special gifts, discounts, project support, and of course: beautiful, heirloom-quality yarn! As a member of the Community, you can help us understand what products and services best serve you, and shape the future of Camellia Fiber Company. 

After announcing the first Community Box earlier in 2019, we were so overwhelmed by the support. We're grateful for the opportunity that our subscribers have given us to be creative and take in YOUR ideas for the future of Camellia Fiber Company. We can't thank you enough for joining us!

We want to continue improving and growing our community, and that’s why—for the second year in a row—we’re opening signups for our Camellia Fiber Community Box subscription membership. We're ready to jump in and fill your 2020 with beautiful yarn and a welcoming, inspirational creative community!

How does the Camellia Community membership work?

 When you sign up our year-long Community membership, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Four boxes (shipped quarterly). Each box includes two skeins of seasonal, limited-edition, naturally dyed CFC yarn (choose between sport and worsted weight)
  • Two free knitting patterns of your choice from our website
  • FREE U.S. shipping on all your Camellia Fiber Company purchases throughout 2020. 
  • Automatic entry into subscriber-only giveaways (one winner is selected each quarter)

 To get started, $1 holds your spot in the Community. Beginning in January, your $20 subscription fee is automatically charged to your credit card each month. If you do the math, your subscription MORE than pays for itself in yarn and shipping costs alone! Your first box will ship in March 2020—just in time to start a lovely springtime project.


Will I really love the Camellia Community box?

We love our CFC Community Boxes, but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what real CFC customers have shared about their 2019 Community Boxes: 

"I loved being part of the Community for 2019. The boxes are so pretty and thoughtful.
The yarn is absolutely exquisite."

 "When I get my box, it’s like Christmas & my birthday rolled into one.
I love the surprise of the colors!"

 "I love CFC yarns, and this subscription has been a dream! The yarns are so gorgeous, and I'm definitely subscribing again." 

Space is limited, so don’t wait! Join the Camellia Fiber Community before the signup window closes for the year.



Frequently Asked Questions about the Camellia Fiber Community and Boxes 

Q: Can I sign up for the Community Box if I live outside the U.S.?
A: We love our international customers! But, due to shipping constraints, our 2020 subscription boxes are only open to U.S. residents.
    Q: How many boxes will I get with my yearlong subscription? 
    A: Four. You'll receive a box every quarter, with the first one shipping in March 2020. The remaining boxes will ship in June, September, and December.
      Q: Do I have to pay extra for shipping? 
      A: Nope! Shipping costs are included in your monthly subscription fee.
        Q: Can I choose what kind of yarn I get? 
        A: Yes! Choose between worsted weight or sport weight. All yarns in our subscription boxes are limited edition colors that will not be sold to the general public.
          Q: Can I choose my yarn colors? 
          A: Hey, now, that takes the surprise out of it! Rest assured that we'll work hard to make sure you fall in love with every yarn color that comes your way.
               Q: Is every member’s box the same?
              A: Not always! We like to get creative, so your yarn colors may be different from another subscriber.
                  Q: Does the Community Box make a good gift? 
                  A: Well, that depends. Do you want your recipient to love you forever? Do you want them to remember this gift for years to come? Do you want to give the softest and coziest gift imaginable? If so, YES!


                    We can’t wait to welcome you to the Camellia Fiber Community!


                     Please note, all sales are final, and refunds are not permitted. Have more questions or concerns? Get in touch with us on our contact page.