Camellia Hat Pattern

This very special yarn is spun by hand in our Nashville studio on one of our beloved Spinolution wheels. Bulky, thick-and-thin, beautifully irregular...this yarn inspires free- form crochet work and chunky, gaugeless knits. Our handspun yarn is made from soft, puffy, USA- grown Targhee wool.
Designed for Camellia Fiber Company by Rebekka Seale


Skill Level: Beginner
Gauge: Each hat will be unique based on the knitter's natural gauge.
Size: Adult Medium
Notes: No need to block this hat... It's ready to wear!


  1. Using long-tail or other cast-on method. Cast on 40 stitches

  2. Row 1. Knit 1, Purl 1 until end of row to create a 1x1 ribbing.

  3. Repeat row 1 until work measures 9” from cast-on edge.

    Once it is 9” long, you can being to work the decrease rows.

  4. Decrease row 1 : Knit two stitches together until end of row. You now have 20 stitches.

  5. Decrease row 2 : Purl across

  6. Decrease row 3 : Knit two stitches together until end of row.

    You now have 10 stitches.

  7. Decrease row 4 : Purl across

  8. Decrease row 5 : Pass the second stitch up and over the first stitch, and off the needles. Repeat this until there is only one more stitch.Finish by breaking the yarn about 15 inches from the stitch and pass it through the remaining stitch. Pull tight and us this length of yarn to sew up the side of the hat with darning needle. Weave in any remaining yarn.