Pluck the Day When It Is Ripe

Manley and I picked hundreds of marigolds last night from my friend Susan's spectacularly kept garden. I boiled the petals and let them steep overnight: a fragrant, aurulent tea. This morning, I poured it over fifty-five skeins of yarn and set it outside to "cook". The heat of the sun sets the color, gently and slowly. It will be ready in about three days, but the waiting is--oddly--the most riveting part :) 

Rolling Along...

This summer has been rolling along: steadily, quietly. I've finally managed to start knitting some things in my queue. These Tiny Pants by Megan Goodacre (Ravelried here) were made from about 1/3 a skein of my blackberry-dyed alpaca/merino/silk DK for my dear friend's baby niece, and oh, my, are they snuggly :)  I love that yarn. I love that color. I won't be able to do another blackberry dye batch until next summer, but I'm going to try and approximate the color this fall with a cutch + logwood combination, which I think will be pretty close. I also started Orlane's textured shawl recipe in the same yarn, using Karen's instructions for getting started, which were incredibly helpful. I'm trying to catalogue and organize the different yarn bases I use in my shop, both hand-spun and mill-spun, so I can get things straight on my Ravelry page and hopefully start wholesaling in September. If there's a yarn store near you that  you would like to see carry my yarns, do tell me about it, and I will reach out to them! 

The next batch of yarn I'm planning to release (next week) will be all marigold dyed. Maybe fifty skeins? I just can't bear to let the summer end without preserving more of that sunshine gold :) After that, I'll probably do a big batch of pokeberry dye, and then maybe some indigo. Beth and I are gearing up for our big trip to Australia in September…we'll be gone for the first fifteen days of the month, and I'm realizing that summer will be dwindling down to nothing by the time we return. I am so looking forward to the trip, and to meeting all the workshop participants and partners. And I'm especially looking forward to all the eucalyptus dyeing we'll be doing…such vivid and surprising colors, from plum to rust to gold to silver-green! 


  • Love this beautifully photographed toe-up socks tutorial
  • This Tsubasa pattern by Michelle Wang, next on my to-knit list.
  • Have you heard of the Stellar app? Oh gosh, so fun. Too fun. Beth and I drank too much coffee this weekend and made this one. She's made two other beautiful stories since then. Oh, the possibilities...
  • If you are in or near Nashville, I'm teaming up with Allison of Shutters & Shuttles to do a relaxing Sunday afternoon branch weaving workshop in conjunction with Anna Maria Horner's latest project, Craft South! This is going to be so much fun…Allison is the expert weaver, and I'll be providing all the yarn. We will learn about different types of fibers and natural dyes, various weaving patterns, and everyone will go home with a beautiful and unique work of art. Tickets are available here if you're interested!

Summers Here

Summers here are luscious, wild, honeyed, ripe. The wind is cool and unhurried at times, and at times it whips about with an unbridled fury. The mosquitoes are out bad now, in our backyard especially. Someone just loves to dump old tires in the alley behind our house, and they fill with water, and it's like mosquito Shangri-la. Our garden is tired and overgrown; it grew nearly twice as quickly as it did last year, and puckered out early too. We got about five thousand cucumbers and some pretty striped fairytale eggplants, and some fat green tomatoes that may or may not make it. My sweet, sweet friend Susan had my pal Evie and I over for dinner on Tuesday, and her garden is magnificent. A complete inspiration. Susan roasted a chicken, and everything else at our table was plucked from or dug out of the ground: purple carrots, tiny tomatoes, vermillion beets and nasturtium flowers. It was so truly wonderful.

I have a big batch of yarn to put in the shop that I'm going to have a hard time parting with. It's all mill-spun, in a variety of different weights and fibers. I mordanted and dyed it in the sun, in big glass-lidded pots, with crushed blackberries. The color is…oh, my word, it is my favorite color ever. It's like a pale, moon-silvered pink-lavender. Like dusk. Like spun sugar. 

What are you up to this weekend? Manley's birthday is tomorrow and we are driving down to the Alabama Gulf coast to spend the weekend with my family, on Oyster Bay, a mile from the Gulf. I'm so happy…I have no plans except to 1. Bake a cherry pie and 2. Fall asleep on the beach. Hope all of you have a real sweet one. I'll send out a newsletter when the yarn goes up for sale. Good night! xx