Remnants - CFC Bulky Handspun Yarn

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Remnants - *Sold by weight - each quantity stands for 1 oz.  
Depending on weight, items can come in one ball or multiple balls. Random colors will be selected.

This very special yarn is spun by hand in our Nashville studio on one of our beloved Spinolution wheels. Bulky, thick-and-thin, beautifully irregular...this yarn inspires free- form crochet work and chunky, gaugeless knits. We also have several customers who use it for gift wrap! Our handspun yarn is made from soft, puffy, USA- grown Targhee wool (with bits of alpaca and/or BFL spun in, see below.)

IVORY: 100% natural, undyed Targhee wool
PATRICK: Natural, undyed Targhee wool with bits of charcoal alpaca spun through
BIRCH: Natural, undyed Targhee wool with bits of gray-brown bluefaced leicester and charcoal alpaca spun through

Recommended needle size: US 11 and larger

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