CFC Bulky Handspun Yarn

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(for stockists who order $2,500 of yarn in a calendar year):

This very special yarn is spun by hand in our Nashville studio on one of our beloved Spinolution wheels. Bulky, thick-and-thin, beautifully irregular...this yarn inspires free- form crochet work and chunky, gaugeless knits. We also have several customers who use it for gift wrap! Our handspun yarn is made from soft, puffy, USA- grown Targhee wool (with bits of alpaca and/or BFL spun in, see below.)

IVORY: 100% natural, undyed Targhee wool
PATRICK: Natural, undyed Targhee wool with bits of charcoal alpaca spun through
BIRCH: Natural, undyed Targhee wool with bits of gray-brown bluefaced leicester and charcoal alpaca spun through

Yards: approximately 60
Weight: 100g, 3.5 oz
Quantity: 6 skeins
Recommended needle size: US 11 or larger
Care: Hand wash, dry flat

WSP: $21.60 per skein
SRP: $36.00 per skein

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