A Year of Weavings

One of the best things...no, the very best thing...about selling yarn is that I'm able to supply other fiber artists and crafters with the materials to do what it is that they do. Every time I package up a box of yarn, I think about what it might become. Not many things make me happier than when one of my customers emails me with a photo of something they knitted or wove. Rarely do I get to see them in person, though, so this collaboration with my friend Allison of Shutters and Shuttles is one of the most exciting (for me!) projects I've ever been a part of. Each month, I will be supplying Allison with a selection of yarns, both undyed and from that month's dye batch. She will create a one-of-a-kind wall hanging on one of her floor looms, and we will showcase and offer them for sale right here

And this is January. The yarn in this weaving is a collection of domestic, mill-spun merino wool, both undyed and hand-dyed with natural indigo, and hand-spun Tennessee alpaca. It's over four feet long and was created on her Schacht 8 harness floor loom. Allison's work is so truly exquisite and just so truly fun...I love the tiny details and playful patches of texture. It would be really pretty in a living room, or hanging over the headboard of a bed, or goodness...anywhere! Such an honor to work with her on this :) 

This piece is available here, and I can't wait to introduce the others as the year unfolds!