Hi! And yarn packs!

Oh, hello! It’s been a little while! Time this summer has been whooshing by, not in a bad way, but in the very best of ways. This past year hasn’t been the easiest, but this summer has felt like one humble gift after another, packaged up and tied with a bow. Last week, Manley and I drove from Nashville to Birmingham to New Orleans to Houston to Austin to Texarkana and back to Nashville. It was a hurricane of a road trip: a veritable whirlwind of river floats, sofa beds, family, friends, new cities, old cities, long talks and late nights, early mornings and coffee and books and wandering. I had actually never been to Texas before. We had such a sweet time, and were so exhausted by the time we got home that we barely made it over the threshold of our front door. 

On Saturday, Lisa and I hosted an open house in our studio which was a lot of fun. I debuted these little weaver’s yarn packs (that are in my shop here) and worked at a piece on my Board and Bread lap loom in between visitors. Weaving is still kind of mystifying to me...I can’t fully wrap my head around it the way I can knitting. Or crocheting, for that matter. I’m kind of single minded fury when it comes to fiber crafts. But I’m positively spellbound by the beautiful weavings I’m seeing everywhere these days, and I hope my little yarn kits will find themselves in some of those. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful, rambling summer, or winter if you’re down under. Oh, and speaking of that, I should mention that we still have some tickets left for the workshop Beth, Luisa and I are doing in Sydney and Melbourne this September. You can read all about it here and the tickets are available here, on my website. I have never been to Australia and am still totally in shock that this trip is actually happening. So, so excited to see that beautiful country.