Shutters & Shuttles

Here's a little preview of this project I've been working on with my friend (and neighbor!) Allison of Shutters & Shuttles. This girl, oh my word, she is so good. We live just a few houses down from one another, so I've been walking back and forth to her home studio a lot this past week, fistfuls of yarn in hand, ready to dye, ready to wind, ready to weave! I'm still completely mystified by the whole weaving process, but I'm beginning to understand it, slowly. Allison was trained at the Appalachian Center for Craft, which is like the greatest thing in the world as far as I'm concerned. This fabric she's making is really special…the yarn is super-soft North Carolina cotton, and we hand-dyed some of it with indigo in my backyard. I love what she's doing…weaving random stripes of the two shades of blue in no particular pattern, so each piece cut from this fabric will be completely unique. My plan is to make great big, roomy tote bags from those bad boys. I'm so excited! 

In other news, our garden is planted and my roses are opening, a new one each day. These few months, this whole season, has just gotten me: everything about it. It's been almost too beautiful to take in…my cup is filled to the brim, truly, truly. Heart-swelling birdsong, sleepy spring rainstorm, and the ever-shifting sky of this slow-spinning world.