I love the damp, gray pearliness of early spring. The earth is cool and thatched with matted leaves, the wind is wild and whips them into a flurry. Everything glows in this light...rooftops, sidewalks, billowing fruit trees and tiny flashing leaves. There are spiderwebs strung like tinsel in my rosebushes, purple and yellow-flowered weeds pushing up through our untended lawn. I saw a baby garter snake this morning, sunning itself on a tarp in our backyard. It totally gave me the heebie-jeebies but was also kind of adorable. We have certainly had our very own soap opera with snakes in the two years that we've been here; apparently this neighborhood is some kind of garter snake sanctuary. I keep telling myself that those are the best kinds of snakes to have around, but lord are they creepy. Shudder. 

I moved into a new studio on Tuesday...same building, but a new space opened up that I went cuckoo for coco puffs over (that's it, above). It's about four times the size of my other space, and twice the cost so I'll be sharing it with my friend Lisa who makes awesome fiber-based wall hangings and jewelry. We've done a few collaborations together (my handspun yarn + her wall hangings) and they turned out so beautifully. I believe she's working on a new website right now for the pieces and I'll definitely share that when it's done. She's such a sweet girl, too...I am very, very introverted and could easily spend too much time alone if left to my own devices. I'm looking forward to having a friend around :) 

On Sunday, I drove down to the Southern Textiles farm in Prospect, Tennessee for the first official meeting of Fibershed SE. It was an excellent afternoon...farmers brought home-grown deviled eggs and pear champagne (these alpaca farmers are like, my people!) and we sat in the sunlight and talked for hours about the possibilities of local fiber networking in the Southeast. We talked about wool inventory and felting looms and a potential local fiber fashion show next spring. Kacie gave us a tour of her beautiful farm and studio, and we petted her sweet alpacas and miniature donkeys. So cute, so fun. I'm really starting to get excited for warm weather foraging and growing and dying...got a whole raised bed this year dedicated to dye plants: marigold and chamomile and maybe some black-eyed susans. So much to do!  This season can get away from you so fast if you don't hold on to it with both hands.