Quiet season

I counted thirty-six buds on my rosebush this morning. This is so very, very exciting to me as I have never grown roses before (unless you count the blooms that were already on the bush when I bought it last year) (which, of course, you don't!). Of all the things I haphazardly planted last summer, the roses were the one thing that I was really hoping would make it through the winter. They're antique, pale and milky, with a scant flush of coral. Old-fashioned. I'm so excited about them!!!

Lots of quiet around here. Quiet breakfasts, quiet early candlelit mornings. Quietly sitting by the window while it rains. Quiet kitties sleeping together on the down comforter, in a patch of sunlight. I've been drinking lots of yerba mate, lots of coffee, lots of lavender and peppermint tea. Our spring has felt long, and slow, and lovely. Some years there is no real intermission between winter and the blistering heat of summer, but this year we got a good one. 

I'm going into the studio this afternoon to seal our concrete floors, organize my packaging materials, and spin some merino roving that I dyed last night with copper and madder root. It's SO PRETTY! I'm thinking I might do a confetti-like skein...mostly white with little flecks of pale, pretty color. Knitting yarn like that is so fun to me...watching it all come together in random patterns as the fabric develops. I'm going to do a shop update on Monday with the yarn I make today, as well as some black and white alpaca. I'll send out a newsletter right before it goes on sale (subscription link is in the sidebar). Have the very best weekend!!!