Sleepy Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend, and I feel thoroughly rested this morning (what a gift).  My friend Hannah threw a traditional Spanish Calcotada on Saturday evening, which I had never heard of, but oh…if I could eat like that for every meal I would! Just tomatoes, bread, cheese, sausages, grilled leeks and lots of wine. And romesco sauce, and mayonnaise made with milk instead of eggs (so crazy, so good!!!).  We had a grand to-do list for the weekend (stain chairs, replace a light fixture, take stacks of things to Goodwill, repaint a wall, the yard!) and instead ended up doing a whole heap of nothing. But maybe these spring days vanish too quickly to waste. 

I'm hoping Lisa and I will have our studio put together by the end of this month…there's still so much to do! We need to make an Ikea trip for some shelving units, stain our work table, affix pipe-and-flange racks to the wall, bring in some plants, and figure out lighting (there is none at the moment). I am really looking forward to getting it finished so I can just go in there and spin yarn! All day every day. 

One more thing: If you're in Nashville and are interested in learning to knit, I will be teaching a class at Hey Rooster General Store on Sunday, April 27. We will be knitting the cotton dishcloth above…it's a great project for total beginners as well as folks who know the basics but want a refresher. And we'll have some snacks and punch :)  I'm hoping it will be a lot of fun, and I would so love to see you there!  Tickets will be available here on the website later today. Have a great week!