This here is my pride and joy, my Singer 1938 Class 15-91 machine, fully restored and in perfect working condition. I don't know how I found it for the price I did, but I did, and I just adore it. All metal gears and sooooo smooth. Just have to make sure I oil it properly, which is sort of scaryish, since I'm not used to oiling a sewing machine. Any advice? 


Late Winter. What does it look like where you live? Here, it's foggy and sodden and dreary and gray. Snow comes scarcely ever, and when it does, it makes Nashville into a landscape wholly alien. I have survived it by keeping myself as busy as possible, a tactic that works even if it's not the most gentle. There are several new things coming to the shop next week: a handful of cotton cross-back aprons made from USA colorgrown cotton (which is scrumptious) and a series of knitting patterns! So very excited about all of it, and especially the patterns. I've been working with a gal here in Nashville who is a very talented pattern designer, and she has written several especially for my hand spun yarn (although they will work with any yarn!). There will be two adult hats, two adorable baby hats, and a cozy cabled cowl that I'm most excited about. I'm just working out the PDFs this weekend, and they'll be available as digital downloads early next week. 

All right, off to finish this hat now. Hope you all have warm and happy weekends, filled with the the sweetest of things. xo