Tiny Circlet

Tiniest, sweetest, baby-est crown knitted for the tiniest, sweetest, baby-est baby. Crown knitting is a new obsession for this girl's mama and me (I think she might have made five last week). This is the Circlet pattern by Dani Sunshine, and we love it because it's easy to memorize and super quick, and uses barely any yarn. The one above (Ravelried here) is knit from not even 1/8th of a skein of my alpaca silk sport, my favorite yarn, in the acacia colorway. It makes for a crown that is silky soft and gently fuzzy...so sweet. 

Hey! It's two days before Christmas! I have so much to do! My pal Talitha is here and my parents are driving up from Atlanta tomorrow. I'm cooking Christmas dinner and haven't even made a shopping list. There are exactly zero wrapped gifts underneath the tree. So, off to do some things! Wishing all of you all of the very sweetest things this week...candlelit windows, squishy hugs, long breakfasts, full bellies, and warm hearts. Merry Christmas!