Clover Earflap Hat

I don't know if I can actually survive the cuteness of these photos. This the the Clover Earflap Hat, by Dover and Madden, knitted in my marigold-dyed Alpaca Silk Sport. Came out a little big (I made the 6-12 month size) but it fit this 16 month old pumpkinhead perfectly. I'm a big fan of Dover and Madden and loved this pattern…it's so soft in the alpaca silk blend and the yarn lends a fuzzy, gentle halo to the texture of the hat. I could make a hundred more of these! 

Nashville is quiet and gray today, the clouds low and the ground soppy. Like much of the Eastern half of the country, we've had some big storms that have ushered in some chillier weather. It feels and looks like Fall. We are happy. Preparing to hunker down as the earth inhales one last mighty breath toward winter.