Little Studio


Good Friday afternoon, friends! Manley and I are en route to Montgomery, Alabama, stopping in Birmingham for coffee and a chocolate croissant. Manley has a job down there this afternoon...something about measuring a site for a new jewelry store? Then we're planning to spend the rest of the weekend with my parents in Atlanta. It is SO COLD! So cold in Tennessee, so cold in Alabama. So cold our breath is ice crystals in the air. Brrrrrrr

I've been spending almost every day in my studio since I moved in at the beginning of January. It has been really nice to spread out a little (and I mean's a shoebox!). My cat Lina insists on eating long strings of scrap yarn whenever she can find them, which is a very bad idea for cats. And my cat Mabel just likes to demolish everything I make. I felt kind of bad taking away their beloved yarn baskets. But in the end, it's better for all of us. 

P.S. There's an interview up today on Tara Hurst's journal, with more pictures of my studio and an Q & A with me about my creative process. And these cross-back aprons should be available in the shop next Thursday. Happy weekend!