Ah, winterlight. How my whole world has been flooded with it lately! I very much did not get to experience this sort of weather growing up, so when it comes I revel in all its shimmering glory like an awestruck child. These photos were taken on Tuesday, which was the coldest day Nashville has seen in twenty years. I think the high was eight degrees. We took a silent walk in the park; we only lasted fifteen minutes. But, oh…how lovely the whole day was: an icy, crystalline prelude to a great bonfire of a sunset. 


And then the yucks set in! Myself and several of my friends came down with some nasty colds over the past few days. I've never understood how the cold actually causes one to catch a cold, but it certainly seems to work that way around here. I've been in bed for the past two days, reading books and writing emails between fitful bouts of feverish sleep. I feel better today, though! 

Now, on the order of business: 

  • There's new yarn in the shop, all of it extra-bulky alpaca that I got from the farm at Christmas and spun on my wooden spinning wheel. It's all undyed (the natural colors of these animals are so pretty!), and my favorite is the black and white stripe, spun from the fleeces of Feather and Penelope, a pure white and a pure black beauty, respectively :) These are small-batch, limited edition skeins, as I'm not sure how much fleece I'll be able to acquire this winter, but the animals will be sheared again in the spring, and then there will be more, and more! 
  • I made a big, cozy cowl with some of the rose gray yarn, and it's Ravelried here. The pattern is AWESOME…it's the "Textured Cowl" by Abi Gregoiro, and it just seems like the perfect pattern to showcase the texture of the homespun yarn. 
  • For the next couple of months, I'm teaming up with my friend James of the Bleubird Blog to do a Knit 101 series…and I'm so excited about this! It seems like I've gotten a lot of comments lately along the lines  of "oh, I wish I could learn to knit, but it seems so scary!!". Well, my goal for this series is to take you through the steps of knitting from the very, very beginning. The lessons will build on each other, and if you choose to participate, you'll get a few really special handmade wearables by the end! The first project will be a simple, cozy scarf, and then we'll make a hat, and hopefully a cowl after that. If you'd like to follow along, the first lesson is here

Wishing you a cozy, restful weekend, my friends!!!