We have had such an epic, beautiful week. Nothing feels organized...everything feels everywhere, but it's a chaos that I've welcomed with open arms. My parents were in town for Christmas, as well as my two best friends from high school (and the three of us haven't been together in over four years). Talitha flew in on Christmas eve, Sarah was here for the weekend, and in many ways it felt like the thirteen years since we graduated high school didn't exist at all. 

On Friday, Talitha and I drove down to Arcadia Alpacas in Ethridge, Tennessee, so I could buy some of the most exquisite alpaca fleece I've ever had my hands, so silky and beautiful. We got to spend some time with owners Lynne and John and they let us help feed the sweet animals, which was so much fun! 

The more I'm able to work with farmers in my local fibershed, the more I want to do just that. I've spent the past few months researching fiber suppliers in the southeastern US, and have found quantity to be sparse, but quality rich. I've been gathering: mohair from Alabama, merino wool from Virginia, fine cotton fabric grown and milled in North Carolina, and alpaca fleece from my own backyard. I've been spinning. I've been sewing. I've been dreaming of what I might create for the shop this year, and I can't wait to share it here.

P.S. Most of these photos were taken either by or with the help of my friend Talitha, who is a brilliant photographer, if I do say so myself  :)