Just got back from the sweetest weekend. A couple of years ago, my parents moved from their longtime home in Alabama to the forested suburbs just north of Atlanta. Resettling wasn't easy for them at first, but earlier this year they bought a pine-nestled house, five chickens, a floppy grey kitten and a boykin spaniel puppy named Ladygirl. I think it's just perfect there this time of year…the tall pines and sweetgums all gilded in honey light. My dad is very proud of his smoker…on Thanksgiving day we ate smoked trout, smoked salmon, steamed oysters, clam chowder, and a big smoked turkey. Ladygirl and I went on a long walk through the woods, collecting pinecones and gum balls for wreaths and garlands. Manley slept a lot and fell out of his chair when Auburn won the Iron Bowl. We are so thankful for every moment we get to spend with our families. And thankful that mine have found a home that feels like home :)