This weekend we did a herbal infusions workshop in conjunction with West Elm and Kinfolk magazine. Beth and Hannah hosted it in a beautiful, giant-windowed loft apartment downtown Chattanooga, and I mostly walked around, gathering video footage and sneaking spoonfuls of lavender creme fraiche. I tell you what: those girls, and their food. This is the second workshop we've done together and I feel like we all half-watch from afar with a collective drawn tightness, willing it to come together even as we're right there making it happen. I think this one was beautiful. Our guests concocted infusions from a veritable smorgasbord of herbs and spices: lemongrass, chamomile, cedar leaf, rose petals, valerian, cinnamon, sage. They made little packages of oil, bourbon, sugar, salt, and tea. It looked like a party, and smelled like an apothecary. It was so nice to meet everyone who came. I hope they had a really nice time :)


And then there was dinner, which I'll let the other girls tell you about later. But, for the record: roast leg of lamb with lavender creme fraiche and spicy peach chutney preserves. Beth's buttermilk-based creme fraiche (I just searched her website for instructions or a recipe and it looks like there isn't anything, yet.) (edit: Yep! Yes there is....right here on Food52. Thank you, Jen!) is perhaps the simplest and most luscious bit of kitchen witchery I know involves a whole lot of just letting it be, while it thickens and ferments for a few days at room temperature. I just love things like that. And truly could eat the whole jar with a spoon. 


Got back to Nashville yesterday evening, half-drowsy and half-fidgety, and begged Manley to take me out for spinach enchiladas and a pineapple margarita. We watched Therese, have you seen it? I honestly could have watched it without the subtitles, and enjoyed it just as much, probably more. I could probably watch Audrey Tautou renew her driver's license and be mesmerized. I love her. 

Some things: 

  • I am so sorry that most of my yarn and pattern kits are sold out right now...I've gotten some questions lately about when there's going to be a restock. It looks like I won't be able to restock the store until after Porter Flea, which is Saturday, December 7. I need to have as much stock as possible for my booth display, but I'm certainly not expecting to sell out, so I'll come home and list my leftover inventory immediately after the market! I am so grateful that folks have wanted to buy my yarn and I'm going to try really hard to keep it available for you!
  • Speaking of shops, my very, very, very dear friend Sarah has opened her online shop, The Yvonne Collection and it is just exquisite! She makes hand-stitched dancewear for little ones, as well as one-of-a-kind headpieces and silk tulle scarves. And, really...hand-stitched. I actually found out this weekend that she doesn't use a sewing machine at all (which I can't imagine). Wouldn't these costumes would make the most precious holiday gifts for little dancers?
  • Hannah brought me a big slice of her cranberry relish pie last week while I was in frantic sewing mania mode, and it might just be my favorite pie ever!!! The combination of the fresh, crunchy relish with her famous cheddar-vodka crust was maddening...if you are still looking for a Thanksgiving pie recipe, I would very much suggest you give this a try. 

Okay, I think those are all of the things. I hope all of you here in the states have a scrumptious Thanksgiving holiday, full of hugs and kisses and football and full bellies and warm fires, and warm hearts.