In case you were wondering about baby Autumn, look how big she's gotten! I was down at the farm on Friday to do some indigo and copper dyeing with the Tennessee Alpaca Association (such fun!), and not only did she grow, but she got a new brother and a new sister, both as darling as buttons. I almost think these baby alpacas are cuter than kittens, which is A LOT for me to say, but lord!!!  The members of the board were so kind to me, they heaped freshly spun yarn from their own farms into my arms...dark brown heathered skeins, sport weights, fingering weights, fuzzy white hanks blended with angora rabbit. Some of it I'll sell in the shop, but most of it I'm keeping for myself!!!


There has been such a rhythm to these early autumn days, which has been a comfort and a delight. I wake up each morning at five-thirty sharp, to the sound of trains singing in their discordant cacophonies. Stumble into the kitchen, feed the kittycats, grind coffee, boil water, heat milk on the stove. Manley sleeps until seven or so, and I love the solace of these hushed morning hours. It's when I can read, think, write, plan, pray. When he wakes up we make more coffee, eat granola and yogurt, look at the weather, talk about our plans for the day. And then he's off to work, and then I sit at my desk and work too, usually on house portraits, all morning long. Yoga at noon. Post office. Lunch. I've been dyeing yarn in the afternoons, trying to keep my store stocked, which is not easy when I want to use it all for my own knitting projects! Yikes. About a hundred million things I want to knit this winter. Thisthis and this for starters. And socks, which I still haven't done yet. I'm scared of socks! Really, I just don't like knitting on double-pointed needles, so I need to figure out this magic loop thing and give them a go. Because the Farmer's Almanac says we're in for a cold one this year, and you know what? They're almost always right.