Tennessee Alpacas


This past Sunday, Manley and I drove thirty miles south of town to Mistletoe Farms, an alpaca farm in Franklin, Tennessee. As we clambered up the driveway, we were hit by a veritable maelstrom of cuteness: black button eyes, gently craning necks, and a brand new baby, born an hour before our arrival. 


Meet Autumn, born exactly one week into her namesake's season. She spent the first two hours of life being warmed and dried until her shivers dwindled away. It took her about three hours to stand up. She was bottle fed, and then entertained us all with her punch-drunk, wobbly-necked attempts at falling asleep. I love her. There is nothing like cuddling a brand-new baby alpaca to make you want to drop everything, move to the country, and care for these gentle creatures yourself. They are so beautiful, and so sweet. 


And, of course I got yarn. I'm wildly excited about this yarn! To compare it to the merino wool that's in my shop...it's not as springy, but it's simultaneously more rustic and a little more soft. It's like a feather bed rather than a mattress. The weathered kind, where a feather or two gets puffed out every time you sit down. But alpaca fleece is also very strong, and very warm, a bit warmer even than wool. I have three skeins of indigo-dyed yarn in a worsted weight, and two skeins of this beautiful, lacey, fingering weight dyed with brazil wood and cutch. In a few weeks, I should be getting some sport weight yarn from them. Oh, I can't even wait! What color to dye it!?

P.S. Meredith from One Sheepish Girl is hosting a giveaway for a skein of my marigold-dyed merino worsted yarn. If you'd like to read about my process and enter to win, it's right here!