Mushroom Yarn


The mushroom-dyed yarn turned out so not how I expected. It's not the rusty-orange of the shelf fungi, but more of a pale, antique pink color. Nude. A ballet color. It's one of my favorite colors, and I love the way it took to the bamboo/merino sock blend. I had to keep a skein for myself so I could knit some tiny baby pants for my friend Mary's new little girl, due early next year. I truly just love the way the bamboo blend feels on metal soft, fluffy and yet kind of....woodsy? It's hard to describe, but the resulting fabric is breathable and light, with the antibacterial properties of the bamboo to boot. A perfect fabric for little babies. And adult feet :) 


I bought this project bag from Fringe Supply recently (as well as these stitch markers), and it's the absolute best knitting bag I've ever owned! She is really running an excellent shop over there. Next on my wish list is this tool pouch and this counter (so helpful!!!). And I like these baskets too. 

Hope you're at the start of a restful weekend. I'm going to try to fill mine with sleep, yoga, and some dye projects this afternoon. Tomorrow we Fall Back! Which, for me, means long, black, candlelit mornings to think, write, and dream :)