The Forest Floor


Oh, what a good weekend. Exhausting, but good. But exhausting. But so, so good. Beth came up from Chattanooga, and on Saturday morning we set off in search of an "old-growth, deciduous forest" which we found, thank goodness (it was not easy), tucked into the center of Percy Warner Park. The day itself felt like an archetype, drawn from the original blueprints of October: crisp and sunlit, with a sky that alternated between gauzy and blue. We walked both on the trails and off them, saw people on horses, smelled wet earth and woodsmoke. Beth and Manley saw a rattlesnake! Thankfully, I did not see that rattlesnake. I would have lost all my breath right there in the middle of the park.


These are the inhabitants of the forest floor. Rusty, spongy lichen and little caps, puffed and swollen. Coral, red, yellow, silver, gray. Beth was in it mostly for the cookin', and I was in it mostly for the dyein'. I collected a few fistfuls of those pretty orange ones on the log above, which I believe are Sulphur Shelf fungi but I'm not sure...? I've been soaking them in a big glass jar for three days now, and the water has become a brilliant, rusty auburn. Planning to dye a few skeins of merino worsted wool yarn with it this week and can't wait to see how it takes! Yikes...I'm sensing a mushroom-dyeing addiction in my near future. Uh-oh. I can't help it! Just too much magic in these wooded hollows. 


A few other, only sort-of related things:

  • Honey Pumpkin Biscuits! Beth baked these for Manley and me on Sunday morning, and lawd, are they scrumptious!!!
  • I added a new project to my Ravelry page, for those of you who are on there. It's an sweet child's hat knit in the speckledy Jubilee colorway. I've been asked a couple of times if I had any swatches of it because it's kinda difficult to tell how it would look knitted, so I hope this helps. I love that little hat, man. Right now I'm working on a pattern for a similar (but adult-sized) hat, in bulky yarn rather than worsted, and I'm hoping to offer it as a packaged pattern kit soon.
  •  This and this. Obviously, just a fantasy, for me. But a nice one :)